Custom App

Custom Solutions

Do you have a need on your store that is not covered by other apps or you need to innovate and have a new functionality? This app will cover your needs without limitations.
Add features to your Shopify
It can give you new customized features based on your store needs in order to improve your processes and increase your sales. This is important because app store cannot cover all needs and all kinds of stores.
Access data directly
The advantage of a private app is that you as merchant have access to your store data without any borders or middle-wares that may other apps do.
Integration between your store’s data with a custom solution that you’re using to manage your orders, products, or inventory outside of Shopify.
Exclusive Support
At Pandectes we have always strived to bring our merchants the highest levels of support and service. Modern businesses can no longer tolerate downtime, 24/7 operation is the norm.
Automate your workflow & functionality​

What is a Custom App?

At Pandectes we have a wide experience on software design and great knowledge on Shopify capabilities to help you solve any problem with a custom and private app.
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