What’s new in Pandectes 3.5.189

Pandectes GDPR Compliance app for Shopify - What's new in Pandectes

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We’re excited to announce the latest update to our application, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your experience. Read on for a full rundown of what’s new and improved.


  • Fixed error in Google Tag injector
  • Fixed the cookies SameSite and Secure when in the theme builder
  • Fixed apply scan to correctly copy expires and expirationUnit
  • Fixed the implied consent and preferences window & added items to ignored clicks
  • Fixed implicit consent via click & ignore banner window
  • Fixed banner to avoid catching implied consent click after banner closes
  • Fixed the implied consent for timeout and scroll
  • Fixed an issue with the unverified/pending/fulfilled DSR requests
  • Fixed an issue about not presenting default date periods selected in the DSR requests report
  • Fixed an issue about the default set on Shopify tracking API


  • Set Pandectes cookie on the dot.domain
  • Replaced the obsolete include with render in theme liquid and stopped updating the checkout.liquid
  • Replaced anchors with buttons for the banner
  • Improved the scanner service
  • The apply scan now gets the shopId instead of domain
  • The Pandectes Custom Event becomes independent integration outside the Google Consent Mode integration
  • Allow the domain of the cookie to be updated for auto-detected cookies


  • Support custom domain in the cookie with SameSite=None & Secure
  • Added affiliates tracking via cookie
  • Added provincial data privacy laws for Canada next to PIPEDA
  • Added hybrid policy (strict|loose) for EU/GDPR
  • Support for Brazilian inside the app admin
  • Added support for Google Consent Mode V2
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