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Enhancing governance of unstructured data

Introduction Businesses are continually accumulating vast amounts of data, a significant portion of which is unstructured. Unstructured data poses unique challenges for data governance. Organizations increasingly realize the need to enhance their unstructured data governance to ensure data quality, privacy, security, and compliance with data privacy regulations and industry requirements. This comprehensive article will explore the intricacies of unstructured data governance, its importance, and the best practices for managing it effectively. Understanding data governance Before delving into unstructured data governance, it’s essential to understand the broader concept of data governance. Data governance refers to the set of processes, policies, and practices that organizations implement to ensure the high quality, security, and compliance of their data assets. This includes structured and unstructured data. Unstructured data vs. structured data Structured data is highly organized and stored in predefined formats, making it easy to manage and analyze. Unstructured data, on the other hand,

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Pandectes GDPR Compliance app for Shopify - The EU Cookie Law- What businesses need to know and how to comply

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Pandectes GDPR Compliance for Shopify stores - Legitimate interest under GDPR- An explanation

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Introduction The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is a comprehensive data protection legislation enacted in South Africa in 2013. The act aims to regulate how personal

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Pandectes GDPR Compliance app for Shopify - Third-party risk management - An overview

Introduction Organizations increasingly rely on third-party vendors, suppliers, and business partners to deliver essential products and services in today’s interconnected business environment. While these third-party relationships can

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