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We’re excited to announce the latest update to our application, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your experience. In this release, we’ve focused on providing greater flexibility and control, as well as boosting performance and stability. Read on for a full rundown of what’s new and improved.

App Store

  • The app icon was updated.
  • The app name was updated from “GDPR Compliance Center” to “Pandectes GDPR Compliance”.
  • All store images were updated
  • The app is also listed in Japanese & Portuguese (Brazil) listing pages


  • On several pages, there is a notification to upgrade with a modal window giving some guidance and options to upgrade or start a chat directly.
  • The app was improved with fewer requests making the overall performance even better.
  • When a visitor declines the banner, then the app clears all first-party cookies that have been created initially or from previous accept activity on the banner (Shopify cookies are excluded from this process due to the Consent API integration with Shopify).
  • In case the app cannot find the injected snippets inside the theme.liquid & password.liquid gives a warning message on the dashboard.
  • Admin mode was added – it is accessible from the dashboard with a switch button.
  • Japanese and Portuguese were introduced as languages for the User interface.

Customer Data Requests

  • Data Subject Requests” is renamed to “Customer Data Requests”
  • The corresponding page includes more detailed information about the consent given. It now supports the ConsentID, and the date is now formatted to the end user locale date format
  • From now on, it requires extra security permission (that was removed from the default installation process) and can be added by clicking the button “Grant access” on the top of the page  Settings > Customer Data Requests
  • Inside the page “Customer Data Requests” on the top, the “Activation instructions” message changed from “warning” to “info” layout


  • New layout on the plans page
  • Added a comparison table
  • Added FAQ for payments
  • We now support yearly plans with an extra discount
  • Ability to upgrade plan from modals inside several settings pages in the system (banner, categories, integration, etc.). Modals give a short description of the benefits of upgrading relatively to the specific page the modal initiated from.

Cookie Declaration

  • On the top of the store page, includes the “powered by pandectes” link for better awareness of the validity of the results given
  • Inside the app, the Cookie declaration page on the top of the “Activation instructions” message changed from “warning” to “info” layout
  • A preview of the declaration with minimum info is available for plans that do not have full access to the feature.

Consent Banner

  • The banner icon and reopen button icon now include HTML property for height & width, which solves an SEO issue for better-rendering images from the browser
  • Now allows HTML content on the preferences intro text
  • The max length of the long text fields was increased from 500 to 1500 chars
  • An Imprint link was added to the banner to support German law
  • The background color of the reopen button is hardcoded to white color
  • Leave site, and Close button settings moved to a separate section.
  • All settings in the “Other settings” section require at least the Premium plan. Blacklisted pages, as well as Bots blocking setting, requires an Enterprise plan.
  • Custom logo is available only to Premium and above
  • The custom logo of the banner and icon of the revoke button receive height/width properties in their HTML


  • Now allows HTML content on their description

Scan Report

  • Scan report status message bar was added on the dashboard
  • Scan reports have been removed from the settings page
  • Stats now include numbers for HTML storage items, IFrames, and Pixels detected. Detailed lists are provided for these elements next to the Cookies and scripts list.
  • All detailed lists of elements detected can be sorted by column.
  • All detailed lists of elements detected get an icon for the Provider if one is associated with them.
  • Enterprise plan has access to a cookie details modal that may be accessible from the detailed list of cookies.


  • The page layout was improved with separate sections for each integration with the associated help text on the left side
  • The dataLayer property reconfigurability was removed from Google integration

Auto Blocker

  • The pandectes-rules script “pandectes-rules.js” becomes a snippet and is added automatically to the theme liquid files. The old manual way is not required, and older installs will be migrated to the new way after they enter the app next time.
  • “Smart blocker” is renamed to “Auto blocker”
  • It now supports a toggle button to enable or disable its functionality centrally. It is also visible as a page to all plans and available only to premium/enterprise plans.
  • The title from “Services” was renamed to “Block popular services (Preset rules)”
  • Each service now also has a badge that indicates if it affects “scripts tags” or “iframes”
  • Now supports Iframes & Pixels
  • Each rule has a name
  • Providers now have their own icon
  • Rules now support wild characters *
  • We have added many more curated rules

Cookies & HTML Storage

  • “Cookies” is renamed to “Cookies & HTML Storage”
  • It now supports HTML Storage (Local & Session)
  • The max length of the cookies’ description texts was increased from 180 to 500 chars
  • We have added many more curated cookies


  • The page now includes a central global switch to make it clear
  • The CCPA option was replaced with a generic US Laws option that supports two states, “CA” & “VA”
  • Now supports also Japan & Thailand


  • Ability to pick from any language to set as the App default language. This is available to all plans. Translations are still provided only for the EU languages.


  • Graphical improvements and minor changes in the colors of the banners and messages.
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